Check Engine Light Repair Cost

Check Engine Light Repair Cost [Diagnostic & Repair]

When the check engine light in your car comes on, your first thoughts are probably: “How much will this cost me?’ For many, the check engine light is the last thing they want to see because it could be a sign of an expensive repair. It can produce a lot…

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Mazda Extended Warranty Cost

Mazda Extended Warranty Cost | Is It Worth It?

Mazdas are fun cars to own and provide a nice mixture of economy-class pricing with luxury designs and decent performance. Mazda is ranked as one of the most reliable auto manufacturers in the world, second only to Toyota and Honda. But for those who want even more peace of mind,…

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Volvo XC60 Maintenance Cost

Volvo XC60 Maintenance Cost [Routine & Major Repairs]

If you’re in the market for a midsize luxury SUV, I’m sure the Volvo xc60 is on your list. The interior is spectacular with a spacious second row and plenty of storage in the trunk. Plus, in typical Volvo fashion, it’s equipped with many incredible safety features to keep you…

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Duramax Head Gasket Replacement Cost

Duramax Head Gasket Replacement Cost [Labor & Parts]

Replacing a head gasket can be a very expensive repair. Many people have to decide whether or not it’s worth it to perform such a repair on their vehicle. However, many vehicles need this type of work done at some point, and Duramax is no exception.  The cost to replace…

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How Much Does It Cost to Lower a Motorcycle

How Much Does It Cost to Lower a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle owners may well know the importance of comfort when hitting the road. Although a motorcycle presents the opportunity to ride in style, there are some drawbacks to sitting on a small motorcycle seat.  One way that you can improve your comfort when riding your bike is to lower the…

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