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Malpractice Insurance Cost

How Much Does Legal Malpractice Insurance Cost?

If you are a lawyer, then you need to understand how serious a malpractice claim can be. Legal malpractice is a large issue, and if a client takes you to court over a malpractice suit, you can be on the hook legally and financially. A lot of solo lawyers think…

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Handyman Insurance Cost

Handyman Insurance Costs [Money Saving Tips]

As a handyman, you know that accidents happen. People break stuff, things fall apart, and stuff goes wrong. However, what about when something goes wrong on your end? Say that you are doing a job and something goes wrong. Now the client wants to hold you responsible. That is where…

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Builder’s Risk Insurance Cost

How Much Does Builder’s Risk Insurance Cost?

If you are planning to invest in a building project, then you will need builder’s risk insurance. Builder’s risk insurance exists to safeguard the construction process and includes policies for covering potential hazards while a building is being constructed.  The average builder’s risk insurance policy costs just under $100 a…

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Daycare Insurance Cost

How Much Does Daycare Insurance Cost?

As more families have two working parents, more people need to rely on things like daycare to raise their children. More than 33% of children in the US require daycare service, so opening a daycare can be a lucrative venture. Like every business though, If you run a daycare, then…

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Food Truck Insurance Cost

Food Truck Insurance Costs [Money Saving Tips]

Food trucks are a popular food business right now. Food trucks have relatively low costs, are a fun place to work, and can be a lucrative source of income. Of course, like any business, if you own a food truck, you will need food truck insurance. Just like with a…

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