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How Much Does a Backhoe Cost [Kubota, CAT & Terramite]

  If you are thinking about a large-scale construction project, then the odds are you need some equipment. One very useful piece of equipment for large-scale projects (and even small-scale projects) is a backhoe. If your project involves moving large amounts of dirt and earth, then you may need to…

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Semi Truck Cost

How Much Does a Semi Truck Cost? [Multiple Models & Types]

  There are more goods than ever being delivered all around the country with the rise of e-commerce, creating big opportunities for those in the trucking industry. Many people may wonder about the cost to purchase a semi-truck outright and if it’s a lucrative option to become their own boss…

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How Much Does It Cost to Open a Beauty Supply Store?

If you have been thinking of opening your own beauty supply store but are not sure about the expense, then you may want to consider the following costs.  You can expect the cost of opening a beauty supply store to cost you an investment of at least a minimum of…

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Scissor Lift rental cost

Scissor Lift Rental Cost | Daily & Weekly

  Renting a scissor lift involves matching the right machine to the job needing to be done. Finding the correct scissor lift requires knowing what’s being lifted, in terms of size and weight, and how high it needs to be lifted. The cost of renting a scissor lift has daily,…

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Kubota Pallet Forks pricing

Kubota Pallet Forks Pricing Guide

Kubota pallet forks are one of the most popular pallet fork models on the market today. They offer various pallet forks depending on your needs, including a manual pallet fork or an electric pallet fork for those hard-to-reach items. Kubota pallets come in many different sizes and can be used…

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