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water cooler rental prices

Water Cooler Rental Prices & Rates – [2020 Average Cost]

Most businesses at least think about having a water cooler that’s accessible to employees, clients, or a combination of both. Having a water cooler on the property ensures that everyone stays hydrated, helping to boost productivity. You can buy a water cooler and the bottles, but many companies also let…

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air compressor rental cost

Air Compressor Rental Cost: Compare Rates & Prices

Air compressors have a myriad of beneficial applications, beyond the construction industry. While they normally are used to power pneumatic tools in commercial sites, they can also be used for residential tasks. For instance, air compressors are often used to inflate tires. Similar to other heavy-duty equipment like excavators and…

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backhoe loader rental rates

Backhoe Loader Rental Cost: Average Rates & Pricing

Backhoe loaders are some of the most versatile construction equipment, capable of accomplishing a range of tasks depending on the attachment used. Though important in many industries, backhoe loaders are fairly expensive to with used low-horsepower machines costing $15,000 to $45,000. New units are even costlier depending on their weight,…

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boom lift rental cost

Boom Lift Rental Cost: Compare Average Prices & Rates

Also referred to as basket cranes or cherry pickers, boom lifts are important machines for any job that requires you to be elevated above the ground. Boom lifts are most ideal for construction projects that require aerial lifting, such as metal building erection. If you find the purchase cost of…

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forklift rental cost

Average Forklift Rental Cost: Compare Rental Pricing

Also referred to as lift trucks, forklifts are expensive, yet important machines in almost any warehouse today.  Buying a forklift outright would cost you about $30,000 or more. This is why many forklifts are leased or financed. If these are not viable options for your business, forklift rentals will come…

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