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cost of bookkeeping services for small business

Cost of Bookkeeping Services for Small Business [Actual Rates]

Bookkeeping is essentially the process of recording, storing and retrieval of business transactions for a business. Depending on the complexity of the process, you will be dealing with such transactions as receipts and invoices for expenses as well as employees’ salaries. So, how much does it cost to outsource bookkeeping…

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Surveillance System Installation Cost

Surveillance System Installation Cost – [2020 Rates]

A surveillance system is essentially designed to provide you with the video security needed for your home or business. This includes access to recordings or real-time activity. Such systems have also been helping homeowners save money on home insurance premiums. Surveillance system installation costs depend on several aspects. For instance,…

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commercial fire sprinkler system cost

Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Cost – [Pricing Per Square Foot]

For some building owners, a fire suppression system is a requirement by the law. For others, particularly homeowners, installing a fire sprinkler system is essentially a matter of preference. Either way, you need to understand commercial fire sprinkler costs beforehand as part of the planning phase. According to a cost…

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multi line phone system cost

How Much Does a Multi-line Phone System Cost?

A multi-line phone system is essentially a system that is designed to accommodate multiple callers and recipients at the same time. Such solutions include the traditional key system units (KSU) as well as the popular internet-enabled (IP) phones. The two systems vary in terms of capacity, capabilities and of course…

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commercial fire alarm system cost

Commercial Fire Alarm System Cost – [Installation & Square Foot Pricing]

A commercial fire suppression system often comprises of a fire sprinkler and a commercial fire alarm system. In its functioning, the alarm is designed to detect and notify you of the fire outbreak in any part of the building. Early detection of a fire allows for the safe evacuation of…

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