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mitel phone system cost

Mitel Phone System Cost [2022 Pricing & Plans]

  VOIP phone systems are a great alternative to traditional landlines that can give your greater communications flexibility and save you money. A standard VOIP system can save up to 70% over traditional PBX landline phone systems. Mitel is one of the most popular VOIP systems on the market today…

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predictive dialer cost

How Much Does a Predictive Dialer Cost? [On-Site Versus Hosted]

If you’re running a business that requires a lot of calls to customers, it’s worthwhile to invest in a predictive dialer. These software systems automatically dial a set amount of numbers off a list and connect answered calls to the phones of available agents. On average, a predictive dialer can…

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Cisco Phone System Cost

Cisco Phone System Cost [2022 Pricing & Installation Rates]

  If you are looking for a phone system for your business, it is crucial to consider your needs. The most important considerations are scalability and the number of lines needed. It is also vital to ensure that the phones will work with the current communication systems. Of course, these…

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avaya phone system cost

Avaya Phone System Cost [Self Hosted & VOIP Prices]

Avaya is used by 144 million people and 125,000 businesses (and counting) daily for their communication needs. This includes 90% of the largest companies in the United States (Source). In today’s business infrastructure, VOIP phone systems are becoming more popular. VOIP systems offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional landline systems…

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multi line phone system cost

How Much Does a Multi-line Phone System Cost?

A multi-line phone system is essentially a system that is designed to accommodate multiple callers and recipients at the same time. Such solutions include the traditional key system units (KSU) as well as the popular internet-enabled (IP) phones. The two systems vary in terms of capacity, capabilities, and of course…

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