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Pole Barn vs. Stick Build

Pole Barn vs. Stick Build Cost | Which is Best?

The two main options for building your barn are using the pole or the traditional stick build method. The cost of pole barns can range from $1,000 to $30,000, depending on size and features. The cost of stick barns can vary from $5,000 to $50,000, depending on the size and…

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Building a Parking Garage Cost

Building a Parking Garage Cost [Labor & Materials]

Building a parking garage is a great way to fit a lot of vehicles in a relatively small area. If you are planning to build (or have already built) a large commercial structure, you might want to consider how much it would cost to build a parking garage instead of…

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Cost To Build An Indoor Sports Facility

How Much It Cost To Build An Indoor Sports Facility

Within the next year, the market for indoor sports facilities is expected to grow around 4.5%. With a growing concern for health and fitness, indoor sports facilities are becoming increasingly popular, especially in colder climates. Opening an indoor sports facility isn’t cheap. The total cost, from creating a business plan…

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portable storage building prices

Portable Storage Building Prices | Rental & Sale

Portable storage buildings are a go-to solution for many homeowners that need the extra space but don’t want to pay for a storage unit. A portable storage building’s price ranges from $150 for a tarp garage to $7,000 for an oversized, steel storage garage. You can also expect to pay a…

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Wood vs Steel Building Cost

Wood vs Steel Building Cost | Benefits & Drawbacks

There’s nothing like starting construction on a new home or building on your property. But if you’re doing this, you need to begin by making sure that you select the correct material for the project. Two of the most common building materials are steel and wood. And if you’re trying…

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