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Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement Cost

Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement Cost [Labor & Parts]

Your engine involves a significant amount of mechanical parts working together. All that friction can cause problems, which is why your car uses oil to lubricate the parts. Your car has a special sensor that detects oil pressure and that goes off when oil is running low. Like any car…

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Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Cost

Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Cost [Various Models]

A fuel rail pressure sensor is one of many parts in a vehicle that serves a vital function for the engine. These sensors measure pressure in the vehicle’s fuel rails, then send that measurement to the engine control unit. When the sensor is working properly, the correct amount of fuel…

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Ford PCM Update Cost

Ford PCM Update Cost [DIY Vs Dealership]

The powertrain control module, also known as PCM, is one of the most important elements in your vehicle. It oversees and analyzes data provided by other systems like the engine and transmission. This data helps it optimize numerous processes. Keeping the PCM updated is vital to the proper functioning of…

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Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement Cost

Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement Cost [Labor & Parts]

The mass airflow sensor is essential to the smooth and safe operation of your vehicle. It is responsible for measuring the volume of air entering a vehicle’s engine and sending the information to the vehicle’s computer. Occasionally, the mass airflow sensor can malfunction and not fulfill its essential role. Before…

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Knock Sensor Replacement Cost

How Much Does Knock Sensor Replacement Cost [SUV & Sedan]

A knock sensor can help improve fuel economy and increase torque, which gives the car more power. From a performance standpoint, it is a pretty important engine component. And when this component fails, drivers may notice a loss of power or mileage with significant damage to the engine head over…

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