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Powertrain Control Module Cost

Powertrain Control Module Cost [Parts & Labor]

Modern cars use advanced computers to control and monitor their various engine and electrical systems. The main unit that controls these systems is called a powertrain control module. Like any car part, powertrain modules will wear down over time and eventually need to be replaced.  On average, you can expect…

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Fiat 500 Maintenance Cost

Fiat 500 Maintenance Cost [Routine & Major Repairs]

Fiat 500s are widely regarded as one of the funnest subcompact cars to drive. If you’ve been considering purchasing one of these cars, On average, a Fiat 500 will cost the driver around $520 per year in maintenance costs. Compared to the average yearly cost of maintaining a vehicle, $650,…

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ATV Engine Rebuild Cost

ATV Engine Rebuild Cost [Parts & Labor]

An engine is one of the most vital components to any type of vehicle. Proper functioning requires an engine with well-maintained and perfectly working parts. This much is true for ATVs (all-terrain vehicles). Therefore, if you find that your ATV’s engine has become faulty in one or more ways, you…

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Check Engine Light Repair Cost

Check Engine Light Repair Cost [Diagnostic & Repair]

When the check engine light in your car comes on, your first thoughts are probably: “How much will this cost me?’ For many, the check engine light is the last thing they want to see because it could be a sign of an expensive repair. It can produce a lot…

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Mazda Extended Warranty Cost

Mazda Extended Warranty Cost | Is It Worth It?

Mazdas are fun cars to own and provide a nice mixture of economy-class pricing with luxury designs and decent performance. Mazda is ranked as one of the most reliable auto manufacturers in the world, second only to Toyota and Honda. But for those who want even more peace of mind,…

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