predictive dialer cost

How Much Does a Predictive Dialer Cost? [2020 Rates]

If you’re running a business that requires a lot of calls to customers, it’s worthwhile to invest in a predictive dialer. These software systems automatically dial a set amount of numbers off a list and connect answered calls to the phones of available agents. Therefore, they eliminate the time workers…

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konica minolta printer prices

How Much Does a Konica Minolta Printer Cost? [2020 Prices]

Konica Minolta, a leader in office technology, offers both single function and all-in-one printers that can fit the needs of any company. With a wide range of functions, printer capacities, and sizes, the costs of Konica Minolta printers vary quite a bit. Expect to pay between $200 and $1,000 for…

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kitchen hood fire suppression system cost

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Cost – [2020 Rates]

If you’re looking to build or renovate the kitchen in your restaurant, you’ll need to invest in a kitchen hood fire suppression system. Kitchen hood fire suppression systems are not only mandated in restaurant kitchens across North America, but they’re also crucial in ensuring that a fire is properly contained…

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water cooler rental prices

Water Cooler Rental Prices & Rates – [2020 Average Cost]

Most businesses at least think about having a water cooler that’s accessible to employees, clients, or a combination of both. Having a water cooler on the property ensures that everyone stays hydrated, helping to boost productivity. You can buy a water cooler and the bottles, but many companies also let…

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office cubicle cost

How Much Does An Office Cubicle Cost? [Installation & Other Rates]

Cubicles are essential components of many businesses. Whether they’re simple 4’x3’ areas for telemarketers or larger and elaborate structures, they help organize offices and focus workers. The price for a cubicle depends on whether it is new or used, how large it is, and what features it includes. Expect to…

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