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thermospas cost

How Much Do ThermoSpas Cost? [2020 Average Rates]

If you’re looking for a high-quality hot tub for your home, ThermoSpas creates custom-made hot tubs that are suited exactly to your needs. However, this level of quality requires a fairly serious investment. ThermoSpas hot tubs are generally priced between $5,000-$30,000, however their best-selling models tend to be on the…

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restaurant cleaning service cost

How Much Does Restaurant Cleaning Cost? – [2020 Rates]

Many restaurant owners opt not to hire employees to clean the kitchen space every night and instead hire an outside company to handle the task. In general, the cost of a restaurant cleaning service can vary, based on the size of the space and the complexity of the job. These…

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cpi security cost

How Much Does CPI Security Cost? [2020 Monthly Rates]

CPI Security is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based company that specializes in security solutions for both homes and businesses. With a variety of security packages to choose from, all at a monthly cost, CPI Security makes it easy to keep an eye on your building. The company’s offerings include many modern…

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medical equipment leasing rates

Medical Equipment Leasing Cost – [2020 Actual Rates]

It’s a common strategy to lease medical equipment instead of buying it outright. Some businesses choose to lease to minimize upfront costs; others lease to avoid being stuck with obsolete equipment in a few years. Keep in mind that medical equipment lease rates only include the equipment’s devaluation. With a…

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call center outsourcing cost

Call Center Outsourcing Cost – [2020 Rates & Comparisons]

Whether companies are dealing with inbound or outbound calls, outsourcing call centers can help companies cut costs. Companies typically pay agents at internal call centers per hour, so companies pay for both productive and unproductive time. On top of this, companies must pay for the costs associated with hiring, training,…

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